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UK Athletics qualified Athletics Coach for Edinburgh and the surrounding areas

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“Seeing people develop and how happy it makes them when they achieve their goals – that’s my favourite thing about coaching runners.”

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How did you get into running?
“I got up one day and decided it was time to change my ways. I made a decision to go and run a mile. So, trainers on and off I went. I got to the bottom of the road and realised this was a little bit more difficult than I thought it was going to be! With perseverance and hard work, I did run that mile and it made me very happy. I’ve been hooked ever since, and now I just can’t stop!”

What’s your coaching history?
“Initially, I trained as a Jog Scotland Leader and started leading runs around the local area. I then was offered a job as a Assistant Physical Literacy Coach for Team East Lothian so went and completed my Assistant Coach training award. I enjoyed the training and the work very much and continued my personal development with the Level 2 Athletics Coach Award. Scottish Athletics have now taken me on to their Coach Support Programme which gives me access to further qualifications in my specialist area (which is Physical Literacy/Strength and Conditioning) and to top Coaches with whom I can learn from. I coach children from 2 years old up to adults at of age, and a variety of abilities.”

What’s your proudest coaching achievement?
“This is a hard question to answer as I have so many. I think it would have to be seeing one of my athletes achieve (and still holding) the record for fastest steeplechase in his age group in Scotland, and knowing that I had a helping hand in this.”

Coach Lynda coaches runners of all ability levels, and is available across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

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What do runners commonly neglect?
“Working on good posture. It is so important to reduce the chances of injury, help you breathe better and run faster and more efficiently.”

What’s your favourite thing to eat after a run?
“I can’t eat immediately after a run, but when I get home I love Greek Yogurt with fresh pineapple.”

What’s your favourite running gadget/kit?
“My shoes. I love running shoes. The only problem is I can’t throw any away because they all hold a story!”

What’s your proudest personal running achievement?
“Completing the Marathon – achieving my own goal!”

Part of We Run’s UK-wide Coaching Team, Coach Lynda helps runners across Edinburgh to improve their running

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