Running Coach Jobs

We are on a mission to bring affordable, expert running coaching to the masses. Join Us.


Apply for We Run’s running coach jobs and join the largest network of Running Coaches in the UK.

No-one supplies more paid running coaching work to UK coaches than we do.

We are continuously recruiting across the UK, and have opportunities across the UK for qualified, passionate Running Coaches looking for an additional source of paid running coaching work.

running coach jobs - we run

“We Run has a simple, clear aim – bringing run coaching to the masses. You can take up as many – or as few – enquiries as you want to, get paid quickly, and benefit from their growing national profile.”

Rachel, We Run Coach


We are looking for passionate running coaches who:

  • Hold a relevant qualification, including at least one running-specific qualification (Athletics Coach, Coach in Running Fitness or equivalent) and relevant insurance (insurance is included in most UKA qualifications)

  • Are keen, passionate runners. We’re not necessarily looking for Olympians, but a demonstrable passion for running is essential

  • Have experience coaching running on a 1-2-1 basis

  • Are flexible, reliable and, of course, are awesome motivators

  • Buy into our mission to spread the benefits of running coaching to all runners

  • Are comfortable coaching the technical elements of running, including posture, foot strike, hip position, arms, cadence, speedwork, training schedules, warming up and cooling down and strength and conditioning

  • Are friendly, generous, personable team-players

“We Run provides a steady flow of clients and flexible working hours that fit in around my other commitments, and the chance to find coaching opportunities through a larger organisation, whilst remaining self employed.”

Steve, We Run Coach

Our Running Coach Jobs Offer:

  • Excellent pay, with a generous hourly-rate

  • Quick payments after session delivery

  • Flexible working to fit around your existing commitments and lifestyle. You choose how many clients you work with, and on what schedule

  • Access to We Run’s partner projects (previous partners include Race for Life)

  • Opportunities to appear in the media (we’ve been featured in The Guardian, Men’s Running Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine, Coach Magazine, Shortlist Magazine and Runner’s Radar, to name a few)

  • You remain self-employed and protect all your tax benefits

“We Run help us as Coaches to increase our client base, build our experience, provide new opportunities and be part of something exciting.”

Sally, We Run Coach