Running Nutrition Analysis:
Our ‘Nutrition MOT’

Demystifying nutrition for runners, and optimising runners’ diets

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Get maximum performance from your training and in your event by optimising nutrition. Running nutrition is known to be a key component of successful training and performance.

A detailed evaluation of your current nutritional strategies, the We Run Nutrition MOT is designed to get maximum impact from your training and performance. The Nutrition MOT will profile how you currently fuel for running and identify what you need to take in, when and how much to optimally perform.

The We Run Nutrition MOT evaluation will be designed around your goals, whether you want to understand nutrition for marathon running, fuel up to train for an Ultra, train more effectively or achieve weight or muscle mass change.

The Running Nutrition MOT can also be designed to evaluate specific questions such as modelling specific diets, macro and micro intake and how to support rehabilitation from injury.

You will receive expert advice from a qualified professional, 100% tailored to you and summarised in a personalised written report.

The Nutrition MOT is suitable for runners of all levels competing in all running events from parkrun to Ultra Marathons, and every running goal in between.

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“…quickly identified that I was underfueling, which was really limiting my training. We worked through a plan that would work for me, and the result is that fuelling correctly happens automatically now.”

Alex, Running Nutrition Client


In your 1:1 video call session, Coach will guide you through:

  • Identification of what you want from the MOT

  • Identification of what you currently eat and drink

  • Calculate daily, training and competition requirements

  • Measures of fat and lean mass

  • Identifies how many calories and how many macros (fluid, carbohydrates, proteins and fats) you need on training and non-training days

  • Identifies whether your micronutrient intake is enough

  • Evaluates your current diet and recommends nutritional strategy for optimum performance and weight loss

  • Detailed individualised report emailed to you and backed up with a supporting Zoom call

Our Nutrition MOT is designed to answer your running nutrition questions, empower you to understand runners’ diets, and ultimately empower you to optimise your running nutrition to achieve your goals.

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Whether you’re wondering what to eat before running, after running, during a longer event, on recovery days, or more broadly how a runner’s diet can influence their training, recovery and performance, our Running Nutrition MOT has you covered. Your qualified sports nutritionist will outline the building blocks of effective nutrition and how these can improve your training and event performance through the 3 T’s (timing, type and total) of food and fluid.
Nutrition for runners has never been simpler!

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