Running Strength and Conditioning Challenges

Our Virtual Running Club offers a wide range of Strength and Conditioning Challenges for runners

Get inspired to challenge yourself!

Runner’s Strength and Conditioning

Get Bulletproof.

Most runners recognise that they should be including strength and conditioning in their weekly routines, but many don’t. There are common reasons for this omission;

“I don’t have time!”

“I don’t know where to start!”

“I don’t have access to a gym or equipment!”

If this sounds familiar, we’ve built a solution that we believe will be perfect for you. ✅

Members of our Virtual Running Club get access to our full range of strength and conditioning challanges.

These challenges are;

  • Convenient: No equipment required, can be completed anywhere

  • Fast: Average workout takes just 15 minutes to complete

  • Engaging: Each Challenge includes a new workout each week, to keep things interesting

  • Measurable: Each Challenge includes a simple test to track your improvement

  • Versatile: Standard and Advanced workouts available, to suit every ability level

Available Runner’s Strength and Conditioning Challenges

A full list of the available Strength and Conditioning Challenges, along with a brief explanation of what, why, and whom!

✅ 30-Day Core Strength Challenge
As the name suggests, the core is at the centre of almost all movements, including running. A weak core increases your risk of injury, whilst a strong core gives you a stable, secure base to build from. Most of us have room for improvement with our core strength, and our 30-Day Core Strength Challenge will help you make those improvements, and measure them!

✅ 30-Day Upper Body Strength Challenge
It may not be immediately obvious but upper body strength is very important for running. A good strong arm drive can help to power you along: The speed of your arms will dictate the speed of your legs. You also need good strength in your shoulders and arms to help you balance, for example, when you are running down a steep hill. This 30-Day Upper Body Challenge will guide to achieving just that.

✅ 30-Day Build Better Knees Challenge
While running we are propelled forward by powerful single-leg actions. When we land we absorb a lot of force. It is therefore important to have strong knees. This 30-Day Build Better Knees Challenge will strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee joint, to help you become more powerful and avoid injury.

✅ 30-Day Balance Challenge
Balance is extremely important for runners as you spend your entire time running on one leg or the other. Add into that any change of direction, especially when running off-road, and its importance becomes very apparent. This 30-Day Balance Challenge will help you test and improve this all-important skill.

✅ 30-Day Posterior Chain Challenge
Your posterior chain includes the muscles of your lower back, your glutes and your hamstrings. These are obviously very important for running. This is where your power comes from. Develop these muscles and you will begin to see great results in your running. Power up your posterior chain with this 30-Day Challenge.

✅ 30-Day Shoulder and Back Mobility Challenge
Having tight shoulders and back can restrict your running form. You may find that you hunch your shoulders up or roll them forward, your arms might swing across your body or your arm falls out of a 90 degree bend as it swings backwards. If you have nice relaxed, mobile shoulders and back it will open up your chest and help you breathe easier and help your arm drive to come through straighter enabling you to pump your arms to propel your legs faster. Unglue your tight shoulders and back with this 30-Day Challenge.

✅ 30-Day Tight Hamstrings Challenge
Tight hamstrings are common amongst runners. Whilst this may not necessarily cause a problem, it could leave you more vulnerable to a strain, and could contribute to problems elsewhere, such as lower back pain. Improving your hamstring flexibility is valuable for these reasons. Loosen your tight hamstrings with this 30-Day Challenge.

✅ 30-Day Single Leg Strength Challenge
Running is essentially a series of single-leg hops, and as such, single leg strength is crucial to running well, and remaining injury free. Increase your single-leg strength with this 30-Day Challenge.

✅ 30-Day Glute Strength Challenge
The glutes are a powerful muscle, critical for body functions such as running, walking, and many other sporting movements. The glutes are responsible for speed and power and high force movements. Weak glutes can result in back pain, hip problems and pelvic issues such as anterior tilt the of pelvis and hyperlordosis (overarching of the lumbar spine) which can lead to lower back pain. Strong glutes prevent energy leaks and hips dropping or sagging. Glutes are a base that holds the body up, but due to sedentary lifestyles our glutes can become weak and underdeveloped. Power-up your glutes with this 30-Day Challenge.

✅ 30-Day Calf Strength Challenge
The Soleus and Gastrocnemius are sections of calf muscle which are important to strengthen and train. If you have poor calf strength capacity then you won’t be able to cope with load and energy and this may result in achilles problems and shin splints. It’s common for people with poor calf development to experience a calf cramp when they try to squeeze the muscle to peak tension. Strengthen your calves with this 30-Day Challenge.

✅ 30-Day Introduction to Plyometrics Challenge
Plyometrics utilise the stretch-shortening cycle of the muscles. The muscles exert maximum power in short periods of time therefore increasing a runner’s power output. This is not for beginners – you want a solid foundation of strength and conditioning work behind you before enrolling on this 30-Day Challenge.

✅ 30-Day Full Body Challenge
When we perform any sporting movement the body works as one. For a strong body it is important to do full-body exercises ̶ to work across as many joints as possible at once. These are known as compound movements, and this 30-Day Challenge will help you get stronger from top to toe.