Why Running Matters – Book Review

Coach Tim Reviews Ian Mortimer’s ‘Why Running Matters’


A few weeks ago it was very nice to be approached to write a review of a new book. This would combine two of my favourite things – reading about running and writing about running!

The book is written by historian Ian Mortimer, who chronicles the more up to date matters of his 2017 year of running. After each run he analyses lessons that he has learned from running. This will be interesting for those who think deeply about how running impacts the way they view life; and will be less interesting for those who view running as a simple battle between themselves and other runners, the terrain, the distance, the conditions or the clock.

There are many books written about running and, for me, the selling point of this one is the relationship between the author and his teenage sons and how he cultivates their interest in, and motivation towards, running.

On a personal note, it was interesting to see how the author shares one of my general parkrun goals – to finish in the top 10%. It was the first time I’d heard of another person with the same (or similar) aim.

At the time of writing, the book is available for £3.99 as a Kindle download. Keen running-readers may find it worth adding to their library with the holiday season approaching.


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