Hip Mobility For Runners

Tight hips in running; what it means and why it matters
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Hip Mobility For Runners

Tight hips are really common amongst runners. Running itself can contribute to tight hips, and the additional time spent sitting at our desks and at home only compounds the problem. The potential consequences of tight hips in runners are diverse and far-reaching, including postural problems, dodgy running mechanics, and possible up-stream injuries (like lower back pain), and down-stream injuries (like knee trouble). If you sit a lot, or run a lot (or both), it’s definitely worth spending a little time to assess your hip mobility.

Why Are The Hips Important In Running?

The hips are important because they give us balance and drive. They connect our core muscles and our legs. If the hips are not moving efficiently, the legs will not have the power or speed necessary to run well. With hips forward, your knee drive will automatically improve.

How Do Tight Hips Affect Running?

The rotator muscles of the hips have an important role in maintaining a proper curve of the lumbar spine. Tight hip flexors will reduce the ability to flex, extend and rotate. This can affect your stride pattern when running. If the iliopsoas shortens due to prolonged sitting, then this can shorten your stride, create imbalances and affect stabilization.

Tight hip flexors will reduce knee lift and movement flow, and will restrict joints and muscles from being in the correct positions.

What Are The Benefits Of Loosening The Hips?

Hip mobility exercises can help to improve lower back and hip pain or discomfort. Improving your hip function will have a positive impact on your running mechanics, as well as your squat and deadlift positions. Improved hip mobility can also assist in reducing lower limb injuries.

So even if you’ve never had a hip injury, it’s very likely that working to improve your hip mobility will help to improve your running technique, and reduce your risk of injury.

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