Running Analysis:
Our ‘Runner’s MOT’

Designed to deliver the maximum impact on your running in the minimum time possible.

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A comprehensive running analysis, our ‘Runner’s MOT’ is designed to deliver the maximum impact on your running in the minimum time possible. In just a single extended face-to-face session, your qualified, professional running coach will conduct a head-to-toe running technique assessment, and guide you through the stretches, training routines and drills you need to optimise your running.


You’ll receive expert advice, 100% tailored to you, and all neatly summarised in a personalised written report. The Runner’s MOT is suitable for runners of all levels; ensuring beginners get off on the right foot, and helping experienced athletes find tweaks that deliver compounding returns.

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“…set me up perfectly for my marathon training; I re-read my written report before every long run.”

Rob, Running Coach Client


In your 90 minute session, coach will guide you through:

  • How to warm-up correctly to maximise performance and minimise injury risk

  • Prescribed stretches to work on your personal flexibility limitations

  • A head-to-toe running technique assessment, with a focus on:

  • Posture

  • Foot strike

  • Hip position

  • Arms

  • Cadence

  • A discussion of different training types; fundamental to maximising speed and endurance
  • How to cool-down correctly to fast-track recovery and minimise soreness

  • Strength and conditioning exercises to boost performance

Our Running Analysis session has one goal; to help you run faster, for longer, with fewer injuries and more enjoyment.

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Whether you’re aiming for your first 5k or trying to crack your marathon PB, our running analysis service is the perfect platform on which to build for running success; whatever success looks like for you. Your coach will outline the basic building blocks of safe, effective running, and can advise on a range of additional considerations, including footwear, nutrition, race preparation, training planning, complimentary exercises like pilates, yoga and weights training and running gear.

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“Getting a running analysis has changed the way I run. I’m much more aware of my technique and I’m certain I’m improving as a direct result. Some of the adjustments I needed to make were difficult at first, but I’m really feeling the benefits now, and I’m enjoying my running more than ever before.

James, Runner's MOT Client

“I had always wanted to get into running but it never felt comfortable and I’d pretty much decided it wasn’t for me. My husband bought me a Runner’s MOT as a gift, and I absolutely loved it. Coach corrected a lot of basic mistakes I was making and was able to explain what was causing my discomfort, and how to fix it.

Samira, Runner's MOT Client

“I bought a running analysis session after I got a ballot place in the London Marathon. Coach really drilled down into my running technique and helped identify weaknesses I didn’t realise I had. He gave me stretches and drills to help correct these. I enjoyed it so much I invested in one session per month until the race.”

Imran, Runner's MOT Client
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