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In-person running clubs are great. But they’re not a good fit for everyone.

❌ Time-poor?
❌ Erratic schedule?

❌ Travel often?
❌ Prefer running alone?

But! Trying to improve your running with no one to guide you is tough.

That’s why we launched our
Virtual Running Club.

“What the heck is a Virtual Running Club?!”

💡 The concept is simple.


Each week, our qualified Running Coaches add fresh resources aiming to provide you with everything you need to get more from your running. Whether that’s more speed, more endurance, more PB’s, or simply more enjoyment.

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Everything You Need To Improve Your Running

Leveraging the expertise of We Run’s team of 170+ qualified Running Coaches, the We Run Virtual Running Club is designed for those who want reliable, expert guidance on their running, without being tied to a specific time or place.

Each week you’ll receive fresh resources covering everything you need to improve your running. To start, you receive exclusive access to our bank of 50+ running training plans, covering everything from ‘Couch to 1k’, 5k/10k/Half/Marathon PB plans, right up to 100k Ultra Marathon plans. In addition to a regular online running Club Night Session (which you can share and discuss with other members in our online community), you’ll also have access to our 30-Day Running Strength & Conditioning Challenges, our regular video tips from Coaches, regular Pilates & Yoga for Runners classes, and support, advice and accountability in our private Facebook group.

Our Online Running Club is designed to cover all your bases, and provide you with everything you need to improve your running.